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Choose from the below combination of handmade soap:Honey Goat Milk soap Oliver Castor soapHoney Goat..
Cherish Organic Honey Goat Milk soap (100g)
Our Honey Goat Milk  Soap is specially handmade to nourish and moisturize skin . Made from pure..
Cherish Organic Olive Castor Soap (100g)
Our pure olive castor soap is specially formulated for sensitive skin including eczema and psoriasis..
Claire He Shou Wu Hair Care Handmade Soap (100g)
Revitalise Hair Growth, Anti-DandruffEnglish translation of He Shou Wu (Chinese Knotweed) is “Black-..
GreenHaus Soap Holder- Rectangular
High quality natural wooden soap holder with little holes to ensure no water containment. ..
GreenHaus Soap Pouch (Set of 2)
Use soap pouch to lather up. Mildly exfoliates your skin. Saving your soap from melting in..
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