Eczema Care Advance Set
RM220.80 RM210.00
Eczema Care Advance Set consist of:Pure Liquid Castile Soap (500ml)Argan and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion..
Eczema Care Basic Set 湿疹修护组
Eczema Care Basic Set A consist of:The Olive Castor Soap (100g)Argan and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion (25..
GreenHaus Soap Holder- Rectangular
High quality natural wooden soap holder with little holes to ensure no water containment. ..
GreenHaus Soap Pouch (Set of 2)
Use soap pouch to lather up. Mildly exfoliates your skin. Saving your soap from melting in..
Hand Eczema Basic Set 富贵手修护组
富贵手基本组帮助舒缓富贵手,湿疹引起的红肿及痕痒。富贵手修护组包含:橄榄油香皂 (100g)茶树油护肤乳 (125ml)橄榄油香皂 纯正橄榄油成份, 对敏感肌肤非常有帮助..
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