Our Journey

It all started because our kids were suffering from eczema and despite our best efforts to minimise the dust in my house which included changing the bed linens, sunning the quilts and pillows weekly, the problem still persisted.

Then, my sis introduced plant based soap bars to me try which are free from petrochemicals since harmful chemicals in body care products could be one of the triggers for my kids’ eczema. Amazingly after using the soap bars, we noticed gradual improvement on my kids’ skin. I felt the improvement too as prior to that, I had very dry and itchy skin.

Since then, we started to get my sister to bring these natural soap bars for us each time she returned for the holidays. Likewise, my husband would stock up on cartons of soap, shampoos and body lotions using only natural ingredients for our family during his business trips to Australia.

After a while, we realised there was a demand for body and skincare products made from natural ingredients as our friends were having a hard time finding them. Hence, this inspired us to bring in these great natural body and skincare products as an alternative to commercially produced products laden with potential harmful chemicals, detergents and unnecessary additives.

Thus, The Olive Tree PLT was established in 2015 to provide carefully crafted natural body and hair care products which harnesses the goodness of Mother Nature.

Our Promise

All our skin care products are vegan, biodegradable whilst using the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from plants. Our products are specially made in Australia. At The Olive Tree, we are strictly against animal testing and all our products are cruelty free. 

Our products do NOT contain the following:-      

o    Palm Oil

o    Parabens 

o    Petroleum

o    Phthalates

o    Sulfates (SLS, SLES, etc.)

o    Synthetic colours and fragrances

o    Harmful chemicals and preservatives

Get to know more about The Olive Tree products here:http://greenhaus.com.my/olive-tree