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  1. 橄榄油香皂 (100g)
  2. 茶树油护肤乳 (125ml)


  • 纯正橄榄油成份, 对敏感肌肤非常有帮助(包括湿疹及皮癣)。
  • 手工制成, 保留了丰富的天然甘油(glycerin, 最接近人体的天然油层),能锁住皮肤的水分,保持皮肤滋润。一般工业皂的甘油会各别抽取出来用在其它产品(沐浴露等)。
  • 含少许椰油,让皮肤光滑细润。
  • 含 少许蓖麻油,有助于排出皮肤毒素。
  • 零化学添加, 不含防腐剂 (paraben, EDTA) ,色素 (artificial coloring),香精 (fragrance),起泡剂 (SLS,SLES,石油提炼(petrochemicals),杜绝敏感原。


  • 采用天然植物萃取及精油,有效滋润皮肤,保护肌肤免与水分流失。富含抗氧分子,有助于皮肤修护,特别是富贵手及手部湿疹。
  • 有助于伤口及疤痕疗愈。
  • 抵抗细菌侵入,除臭。
  • 帮助敏感皮肤止痒。
  • 防止皮肤干燥,龟裂。

Hand Eczema Basic Set is target for soothing and healing redness, itchiness caused by hand dermatitis/eczema.

Hand Eczema Basic Set consist of:
  1. The Olive Castor Soap (100g)
  2. Tea Tree Oil Lotion (125ml)

1. The Olive Castor Soap

Olive oil soap has the following benefits:-

  • Closest to skin’s natural oil
  • Hyper moisturizing – cleanses the skin without stripping away essential natural oils as glycerin, an extremely beneficial byproduct of the soap making process is retained.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains antioxidants which fight free radicals and anti-ageing
  • Perfect for sensitive skin types including eczema and psoriasis

2.  Tea Tree Oil Lotion

Natural blends of plant extract and essential oils which helps hydrate, condition and protect the  skin from moisture loss. It's rich in anti-oxidants that help the skin repair especially for hand dermatitis and protect against free radicals and other environmental ageing factors. 

  • Improves healing of wounds & scar
  • Antimicrobial action against bacteria & fungus
  • Removes undesirable odors
  • Soothes itch resulting from sensitive skin
  • Prevents dry & scaly skin

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