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Eczema Facial Set is specially for sensitive skin prone to eczema and rosacea, which consist of:

  1. Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser (200ml)
  2. Odylique Repair Lotion (60g)

1. Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser

This is a non-comedogenic cleanser, detergent-free and soothing for sensitive skin whether normal-dry, normal-oily or mature. It is often used on skin prone to rosacea.

Our organic face cleanser is gentle, but highly effective – it has won multiple awards, including from the 2014 Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.

Simply rinse or whisk away with damp cotton pads to leave your skin thoroughly clean, smooth and refreshed. Makes an excellent eye make-up remover too. 

The skin-conditioning creamy blend of extra virgin olive & coconut oils gently but thoroughly lifts away make-up, skin impurities and airborne dirt. Organic rose water and a subtle trio of pure essential oils calm sensitive skin and complete a thorough natural cleanse.


  • Calming and soothing rose
  • Detoxifying lemon
  • Soothing and cleansing coconut oil
  • Rehydrating vitamin-rich extra virgin olive


  • Suitable for Vegans
  • 100% natural, 87% organic
  • Product is Soil Association certified organic
  • Free from common allergen tree nut oils, wheat, soy, dairy

2.  Odylique Repair Lotion

Repair Lotion to calm and aid the repair of distressed, dry and itchy skin on your face or body. May be suitable for skin prone to eczema. 

A time-honoured favourite, originally created by Margaret for hers and her family’s eczema-prone skin, and now recommended by homeopathic doctors.

Apply to affected area 3-4 times daily. 


  • Calming biodynamic chickweed to ease itching
  • Anti-inflammatory chamomile
  • Soothing calendula to promote healing
  • Rapid reparative aloe juice
  • Protective hypericum


  • Suitable for Vegans
  • 100% natural, 94% organic
  • Product is certified to Soil Association organic standards
  • Free from common allergen tree nut oils, wheat, soy, dairy


  1. 欧蒂丽有机椰子洁面乳(200ml)
  2. 欧蒂丽有机修护霜 (60ml)


我们的有机洁面乳是温和,但高效 - 它已经赢得了多个奖项,包括从2014年的终极天然美容圣殿奖。特级初榨橄榄油和椰油混合二成的洁面乳性质温和,但能彻底清除化妆,皮肤杂质和空气污染物。机玫瑰水配合微妙的纯精油三重奏(香丹参油,桉叶油和柠檬),能舒缓敏感肌肤,完成彻底的清洁肌肤。这只无致粉刺性洁面乳,不含化学洗涤剂,对敏感肌肤非常柔和,适用于普通,干燥或熟龄肌肤。也有效于出现红斑痤疮(rosacea),激素脸及激光疗程后遗症的皮肤上。















  • 鹅肠草精华缓解瘙痒
  • 抗炎洋甘菊
  • 金盏花舒缓,促进愈合
  • 快速修复芦荟汁
  • 金丝桃保护皮肤免受细菌入侵


  • 适合素食者
  • 100%天然,94%有机产品获英国土壤协会有机认证

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