It all began with Louise’s maternal instinct to provide the best for her baby, and her passion for all natural homecrafted skincare took off and the brand name after her baby, Claire is born.


“It all began with one mother’s maternal instinct to provide the best for my baby when it came to skincare products which urged me to learn to make my own bar soaps from breast milk. Then I decided to share these natural handmade soaps and home remedies with everyone else calling it Claire after my baby girl ‘Norra Claire’ which means ‘clear and pure’ in French which translates into exactly what the brand stands for.”

“Often times we don’t quite know the ingredients that goes into producing our favourite shower gel or bar soap but having gone on natural bar soaps the past one year, I’ve realised a significant difference it’s done to my skin. It doesn’t get irritated or flare up as easily as before yet leaving my skin feeling moisturized. Handmade soaps from talented artisans use fresh and natural high-quality ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, oatmeal, or goat’s milk so it doesn’t harm your skin in the long run. ”

" When my daughter was born,
I realized that the market was full of products with all kinds of harmful chemicals. So I created this line of all natural body care products. 

At Claire, We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients for our products. It's all 100% chemical free, and most of my products are even safe for baby use. 

We're passionate about inspiring people to become a more caring and kind society, and also one that cares for the environment.

I guess, it's like a unique calling,

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